1. Cultures of Completion at the Interface: “Form Art” and the Anxiety to do Something Over Nothing
    A research paper about knowledge work culture through discourses from new media art, conceptual art, design, modernism, and interface theory. Advised by Professor James Joseph Hodge
  2. Coming Soon: Typographica
    Contributing Typeface Review for Typographica’s Favorite Typefaces of 2017
  3. Block Museum of Art
    Collection Spotlight on Manfred Mohr's algorithmic print, P-049 Formal Language, IRI = 2, 1970, 1979
  4. Fonts In Use
    Sometimes I document fonts in the wild
  5. This Just In: Elaine Lustig Cohen
    Wrote about Elaine Lustig Cohen and the works donated from her estate to the Letterform Archive