1. Completing the Interface: “Form Art” and the Anxiety to do Something Over Nothing
    A research paper about knowledge work culture through discourses from new media art, conceptual art, design, modernism, and interface theory. Advised by Professor James Joseph Hodge
  2. Coming Soon: Mark Fox and Angie Wang / Design is Play
    Interviewed the San Francisco design duo about the relationship between politics and design.
  3. Martin Venezky
    Sat down and chatted with the San Francisco designer, collage artist, and photographer who reminded me about the beauty of not knowing how things will turn out.
  4. Erin Reitz
    An interview with Visiting Professor of Art History at Northwestern, Erin Reitz, about the relationship between politics, aesthetics, and her pedagogy as activism.
  5. Typographica
    Contributing Typeface Review for Typographica’s Favorite Typefaces of 2017
  6. Block Museum of Art
    Collection Spotlight on Manfred Mohr's algorithmic print, P-049 Formal Language, IRI = 2, 1970, 1979