The NURJ is an annual student-produced journal that showcases outstanding research done by Northwestern undergraduates from across all academic fields. For two years, I was responsible for leading the art direction and print design of the 120 page issue.

I inherited the Art Director position after a significant redesign, so my challenge was figuring out how to move the Journal in a new direction while preserving its brand and voice. The most significant transitions occurred in with changes in typography, size and photography.

Due to these text-heavy theses (each can run from 5,000 to 10,000 words), it was more fitting to reduce the size of the journal from a magazine to a smaller 6.7 x 9.8” journal that felt more comfortable to read and flip through in your hands, like a book. I also changed the body text from Garamond Pro to Lava Pro, for warmer and richer paragraphs of text that was still legible at small sizes, and could support our lengthy theses. Instead of using existing headshots of Professors that were interviewed, we commissioned Matt Zhang to take photos in an editorial style to match a more serious, academic tone that the Journal upholds.

→ See the 2017-18 issue of the Journal.