This score was written during a course titled “Scoring the Avant-Garde” taught by Amanda Jane Graham.

Written in 2016, and performed at “Performed in the Present Tense”, a symposium at the Block Museum of Art, which paid tribute to the contemporary legacy of Charlotte Moorman, and in 2018 during artist Jen Bervin’s weekend workshop, “Read with the Spine”, at Northwestern University.


Note: The reader has control of the pace and length of the performance, by choosing when to read the next instruction or move onto the next part.

Part I
Spread yourselves out throughout the room
Do not talk to or make conversation with anyone
When asked to make noise, be loud enough so that you can hear others,
but soft enough so you can still hear me
If anyone needs me to repeat the instructions, raise your hand (Repeat instructions however many times necessary.)
Now walk around the room until I say stop
Using your index and middle finger, take your pulse from your neck
Internalize this pulse and remove your fingers from your neck
Now vocalize your pulse by clicking your tongue like this: tsk tsk tsk
While vocalizing your pulse, walk at the pace of your pulse

Part II
Now find a partner in the room
Take your partners pulse
Raise your hand if you need more time
After you have internalized your partners pulse, detach yourself from your your partner
Vocalize your partners pulse
Now walk at the pace of your partners pulse

Part III
Listen to the other pulses in the room
Try to match one another
When the whole room sounds as one
You may stop
(If participants do not stop on their own, the reader can dismiss participants by saying, You may stop.)